Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives

Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives


Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives es el primer trabajo de estudio de la banda noruega de punk rock Turbonegro. Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives salió en 1992




Death Punk

Big Ball Records

  1. Librium Love
  2. Armed and Fairly Well-Equipped
  3. Suburban Anti-Christ
  4. Punk Pals
  5. Kiss the Knife (a.k.a. "Hand of Love")
  6. Vaya con Satan
  7. I'm in Love with the Destructive Girls
  8. Hot Cars
  9. Clenched Teeth
  10. Manimal
  11. Dark Secret Girl
  12. New Wave Song
  13. Nadsat Comes Easy
  14. Zonked out (on Hashish)
  15. Prima Moffe
  16. A Career in Indierock

Discografía de Turbonegro

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Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives
16 Temas Lanzamiento:1992 LP


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