Night on Earth

Night on Earth

Tom Waits

Night on Earth es la segunda banda sonora compuesta y grabada por Tom Waits. Night on Earth contaba con varios pasajes instrumentales y versiones de tracks




Banda Sonora, Rock Experimental

Island Records

  1. Back in the Good Old World (Gypsy)
  2. Los Angeles Mood (Chromium Descensions)
  3. Los Angeles Theme (Another Private Dick)
  4. New York Theme (Hey, You Can Have That Heartattack Outside Buddy)
  5. New York Mood (A New Haircutand a Busted Lip)
  6. Baby I'm Not a Baby Anymore (Beatrice Theme)
  7. Good Old World (Waltz)
  8. Carnival (Brunello del Montalcino)
  9. On the Other Side of the World
  10. Good Old World (Gypsy Instrumental)
  11. Paris Mood (Un de Fromage)
  12. Dragging a Dead Priest
  13. Helsinki Mood
  14. Carnival Bob's Confession
  15. Good Old World (Waltz Vocal)
  16. On the Other Side of the World (Reprise)

Discografía de Tom Waits

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9 Temas Lanzamiento:1977 LP
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18 Temas Lanzamiento:1975 LP
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11 Temas Lanzamiento:1974 LP
Closing Time Closing Time
12 Temas Lanzamiento:1973 LP


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