Dying to Say This to You

Dying to Say This to You

The Sounds

Dying to Say This to You es el segundo álbum de estudio de la banda de indie rock The Sounds. Dying to Say This to You fue editado en 2006 por New Line




Indie, New Wave, Post-punk

New Line

  1. Song with a Mission
  2. Queen of Apology
  3. Tony the Beat
  4. 24 Hours
  5. Painted by Numbers
  6. Night After Night (Acoustic version)
  7. Ego
  8. Hurt You
  9. Much Too Long
  10. Running Out of Turbo
  11. Night After Night (Rock version)
  12. Rock'n Roll
  13. Living in America
  14. Mine for Life
  15. Tony the Beat (Rex the Dog radio version)
  16. Queen of Apology (Fall Out Boy remix)
(7/10) 2 Votos


Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy

Discografía de The Sounds

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