Rock & Roll Is Dead

Rock & Roll Is Dead

The Hellacopters

Rock & Roll Is Dead es el sexto álbum de estudio de The Hellacopters. Rock & Roll Is Dead se popularizó suera de Suecia y permitió al grupo girar por Europa



Hard Rock

Garage Rock Revival

Universal Music Group

  1. Before the Fall
  2. Everything's on T.V.
  3. Monkey Boy
  4. No Angel to Lay Me Away
  5. Bring It On Home
  6. Leave It Alone
  7. Murder on My Mind
  8. I'm in the Band
  9. Put out the Fire
  10. I Might Come See You Tonight
  11. Nothing Terribly New
  12. Make It Tonight
  13. Time Got No Time to Wait for Me

Discografía de The Hellacopters

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