Sci-Fi Lullabies

Sci-Fi Lullabies


Sci-Fi Lullabies es un recopilatorio que recoge todas las caras B de los singles pertenecientes a los tres primeros LPs de estudio del grupo británico Suede




Glam, Indie, Rarezas, Recopilatorio, Soft Rock

Nude Records

  1. My Insatiable One
  2. To the Birds
  3. Where the Pigs Don't Fly
  4. He's Dead
  5. The Big Time
  6. High Rising
  7. The Living Dead
  8. My Dark Star
  9. Killing of a Flash Boy
  10. Whipsnade
  11. Modern Boys
  12. Together
  13. Bentswood Boys
  14. Europe Is Our Playground
  15. Every Monday Morning Comes
  16. Have You Ever Been This Low?
  17. Another No One
  18. Young Men
  19. The Sound of the Streets
  20. Money
  21. W.S.D.
  22. This Time
  23. Jumble Sale Mums
  24. These Are the Sad Songs
  25. Sadie
  26. Graffiti Women
  27. Duchess

Discografía de Suede

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