Skunk Anansie

Wonderlustre es el cuarto proyecto de estudio de Skunk Anansie. El trabajo Wonderlustre fue producido por los músicos Brio Taliaferro y Jeremy Wheatley



Rock Alternativo



  1. God Loves Only You
  2. My Ugly Boy
  3. Over the Love
  4. Talk Too Much
  5. The Sweetest Thing
  6. It Doesn't Matter
  7. You're Too Expensive for Me
  8. My Love Will Fall
  9. You Saved Me
  10. Feeling the Itch
  11. You Can't Always Do What You Like
  12. I Will Stay But You Should Leave
  13. Would You?
  14. Over the Love (Shoreditch Version)
  15. You Saved Me (Shoreditch Version)
  16. Tracy's Flaw (Shoreditch Version)
  17. I Will Stay But You Should Leave (Shoreditch Version)
  18. God Loves Only You (Shoreditch Version)
  19. Because of You (Acoustic Version live at 3FM)

Discografía de Skunk Anansie

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