Clear as Day

Clear as Day

Scotty McCreery

Clear as Day es el álbum debut de Scotty McCreery. Clear as Day fue producido por Mark Bright y es el resultado de la mezcla entre el country y el pop rock




Country Pop

Mercury Records

  1. Out of Summertime
  2. I Love You This Big
  3. Clear as Day
  4. The Trouble with Girls
  5. Water Tower Town
  6. Walk in the Country
  7. Better than That
  8. Write My Number on Your Hand
  9. Dirty Dishes
  10. You Make That Look Good
  11. Back on the Ground
  12. That Old King James

Discografía de Scotty McCreery

Clear as Day Clear as Day
12 Temas Lanzamiento:2011 LP


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