The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection


The Ultimate Collection es un recopilario que, además de recoger los temas más importantes de la carrera de Sade, incluye muchas canciones aún no editadas



Rhythm and Blues

Neo-Soul / NuSoul, Rarezas, Recopilatorio

Sony Music

  1. Your Love Is King
  2. Smooth Operator
  3. Hang on to Your Love
  4. The Sweetest Taboo
  5. Is It a Crime
  6. Never as Good as the First Time
  7. Jezebel
  8. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
  9. Paradise
  10. Nothing Can Come Between Us
  11. No Ordinary Love
  12. Kiss of Life
  13. Feel No Pain
  14. Bullet Proof Soul
  15. Cherish the Day
  16. Pearls
  17. By Your Side
  18. Immigrant
  19. Flow
  20. King of Sorrow
  21. The Sweetest Gift
  22. Soldier of Love
  23. The Moon and the Sky
  24. Babyfather
  25. Still In Love With You
  26. Love Is Found
  27. I Would Never Have Guessed
  28. The Moon and the Sky (Remix feat. Jay-Z)
  29. By Your Side (Remix by The Neptunes)
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Discografía de Sade

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