Pet Shop Boys

Alternative es un recopilatorio de rarezas, descartes y caras B del grupo británico de electropop Pet Shop Boys. Alternative fue editado por Parlophone




Dance Pop, Rarezas, Recopilatorio


  1. In the Night
  2. A Man Could Get Arrested (Bobby Orlando version)
  3. That's My Impression (disco mix)
  4. Was That What It Was?
  5. Paninaro
  6. Jack the Lad
  7. You Know Where You Went Wrong
  8. A New Life
  9. I Want a Dog
  10. Do I Have To?
  11. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
  12. Don Juan
  13. The Sound of the Atom Splitting (extended version)
  14. One of the Crowd
  15. Your Funny Uncle
  16. It Must Be Obvious
  17. We All Feel Better in the Dark
  18. Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
  19. Losing My Mind
  20. Music for Boys
  21. Miserablism
  22. Hey, Headmaster
  23. What Keeps Mankind Alive?
  24. Shameless
  25. Too Many People
  26. Violence (Hacienda Version)
  27. Decadence
  28. If Love Were All
  29. Euroboy
  30. Some Speculation
  31. Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys live in Rio)
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