This Is Not a Test!

This Is Not a Test!

Missy Elliott

This Is Not a Test! es el quinto trabajo de Missy Elliott. This Is Not a Test! recibió buenas críticas pero una acogida comercial peor que sus antecesores



Hip hop

Hip hop alternativo, Pop rap, Urban

Elektra Records

  1. Baby Girl Interlude/Intro (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
  2. Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch
  3. Wake Up (Feat. Jay-Z)
  4. Keep It Movin' (Feat. Elephant Man)
  5. Is This Our Last Time (Feat. Fabolous)
  6. Ragtime Interlude/I'm Really Hot
  7. Dats What I'm Talkin About (Feat. R. Kelly)
  8. Don't Be Cruel (Feat. Monica & Beenie Man)
  9. Toyz Interlude/Toyz
  10. Let It Bump
  11. Pump It Up (Feat. Nelly)
  12. It's Real
  13. Let Me Fix My Weave
  14. Spelling Bee Interlude/Spelling Bee
  15. I'm Not Perfect (Feat. The Clark Sisters)
  16. Outro (Feat. Mary J. Blige)


Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige

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