Anywhere but Here

Anywhere but Here

Mayday Parade

Anywhere but Here es el segundo álbum de estudio de Mayday Parade. Anywhere but Here, disco del año 2009, no contaba con el trabajo de Jason Lancaster



Rock Alternativo

Emo, Indie, Pop Punk

Fearless Records

  1. Kids in Love
  2. Anywhere But Here
  3. The Silence
  4. Still Breathing
  5. Bruised and Scarred
  6. If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?
  7. Save Your Heart
  8. Get Up
  9. Center of Attention
  10. I Swear, This Time I Mean It
  11. The End
(8/10) 1 Votos

Discografía de Mayday Parade

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