A Certain Trigger

A Certain Trigger

Maxïmo Park

A Certain Trigger es el primer trabajo de estudio de Maxïmo Park. A Certain Trigger fue producido por Paul Epworth y editado por el prestigioso sello Warp



Rock Alternativo

Indie, New Wave, Post-punk


  1. Signal and Sign
  2. Apply Some Pressure
  3. Graffiti
  4. Postcard of a Painting
  5. Going Missing
  6. I Want You to Stay
  7. Limassol
  8. The Coast Is Always Changing
  9. The Coast Is Always Changing
  10. Once, A Glimpse
  11. Now I'm All Over the Shop
  12. Acrobat
  13. Kiss You Better
  14. A19
  15. Isolation
  16. My Life in Reverse
  17. Fear of Falling
  18. I Want You to Leave
  19. A Year of Doubt
  20. Trial and Error
  21. Stray Talk
  22. Hammer Horror
  23. Apply Some Pressure (Original Demo Version)
  24. Graffiti (Original Demo Version)
  25. Once, A Glimpse (Original Demo Version)

Discografía de Maxïmo Park

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