2400 Fulton Street

2400 Fulton Street

Jefferson Airplane

2400 Fulton Street es un recopilatorio de Jefferson Airplane. 2400 Fulton Street recoge grabaciones de la banda estadounidense realizadas en los años 60




Acid Rock, AM Pop, Psicodelia, Recopilatorio


  1. It's No Secret
  2. Come Up the Years
  3. My Best Friend
  4. Somebody to Love
  5. Comin' Back to Me
  6. Embryonic Journey
  7. She Has Funny Cars
  8. Let's Get Together
  9. Blues from an Airplane
  10. J.P.P. McStep B. Blues
  11. Plastic Fantastic Lover
  12. Wild Tyme (H)
  13. The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
  14. A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly
  15. White Rabbit
  16. Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon
  17. Lather
  18. Fat Angel
  19. The Last Wall of the Castle
  20. Greasy Heart
  21. We Can Be Together
  22. Crown of Creation
  23. Mexico
  24. Wooden Ships
  25. Rejoyce
  26. Volunteers (Live)
  27. Have You Seen the Saucers?
  28. Eat Starch Mom
  29. Pretty as You Feel
  30. Martha
  31. Today
  32. Triad
  33. Third Week in the Chelsea
  34. Good Shepherd
  35. Eskimo Blue Day
  36. The Levi Commercials
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