Next Year in Zion

Next Year in Zion

Herman Dune

Next Year in Zion es un álbum de estudio de Herman Dune. Según David-Ivar es el primer proyecto que afronta con alegría y un espíritu notablemente positivo




Anti-Folk, Indie

Source Etc.

  1. My Home is Nowhere Without You
  2. Try to Think About Me (Don't You Worry a Bit)
  3. When the Sun Rose Up This Morning
  4. When We Were Still Friends
  5. On a Saturday
  6. My Baby is Afraid of Sharks
  7. Lovers are Waterproof
  8. Next Year in Zion
  9. Someone Knows Better Than Me
  10. My Best Kiss
  11. Baby Baby You're My Baby
  12. (Nothing Left But) Poison In The Rain

Discografía de Herman Dune

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