Into the Light

Into the Light

Gloria Estefan

Into the Light es el segundo álbum en solitario de Gloria Estefan. Into the Light es un trabajo conceptual que habla sobre la superación de graves problemas




Dance Pop, Pop Latino

Epic Records

  1. Coming Out of the Dark
  2. Seal Our Fate
  3. What Goes Around
  4. Nayib's Song (I Am Here for You)
  5. Remember Me with Love
  6. Heart with Your Name on It
  7. Sex in the 90's
  8. Close My Eyes
  9. Light of Love
  10. Can't Forget You
  11. Live for Loving You
  12. Mama Yo Can't Go
  13. Coming Out of the Dark (Desde la Oscuridad)

Discografía de Gloria Estefan

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