The Best of the Blues

The Best of the Blues

Gary Moore

The Best of the Blues es un recopilatorio del guitarrista y compositor irlandés Gary Moore. The Best of the Blues está editado por el sello Virgin Records



Hard Rock

Blues Rock, Recopilatorio

Virgin Records

  1. Walking by Myself
  2. Oh Pretty Woman
  3. Still Got the Blues (For You)
  4. Separate Ways
  5. Since I Met You Baby
  6. Story of the Blues
  7. All Your Love
  8. Too Tired
  9. Need Your Love So Bad
  10. Midnight Blues
  11. King of the Blues
  12. Jumpin' at Shadows
  13. Texas Strut
  14. Moving On
  15. Stop Messin' Around
  16. Parisienne Walkways
  17. The Supernatural
  18. Caldonia (Feat. Albert Collins & Albert King)
  19. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
  20. Key to Love
  21. The Thrill Is Gone
  22. Stormy Monday
  23. Cold, Cold Feeling
  24. Further Up the Road
  25. The Stumble
  26. Oh Pretty Woman (Version)
  27. Walking by Myself (Live)
  28. Too Tired (Live)
  29. Still Got the Blues (For You) (Live)
  30. All Your Love (Live)
  31. Midnight Blues (Live)

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