Open Season

Open Season


Open Season es un disco de remezclas de Feist. Varios de los colaboradores habituales de la cantante ofrecen su visión personal de sus canciones




Folk Rock, Indie, Remix

Polydor Records

  1. One Evening (Gonzales Solo Piano)
  2. Inside and Out (Apostle of Hustle Live at BBC)
  3. Mushaboom (Mocky Mix)
  4. Gatekeeper (One Room One Hour Mix)
  5. Lonely Lonely (Frisbee'd Mix)
  6. Mushaboom (k-os Mix)
  7. Snow Lion (With Readymade FC)
  8. Tout doucement
  9. The Simple Story (With Jane Birkin)
  10. Lovertits (With Gonzales)
  11. Mushaboom (The Postal Service Mix)
  12. Gatekeeper (Do Right Mix)
  13. One Evening (VV Mix)
  14. When I Was a Young Girl (VV Mix)
  15. Mushaboom (VV Mix)

Discografía de Feist

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1 Temas Lanzamiento:2011 LP
The Reminder The Reminder
13 Temas Lanzamiento:2007 LP
Open Season Open Season
15 Temas Lanzamiento:2006 LP
Let It Die Let It Die
11 Temas Lanzamiento:2004 LP
Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down) Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down)
10 Temas Lanzamiento:1999 LP


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