Rock the Night: The Very Best of Europe

Rock the Night: The Very Best of Europe


Rock the Night: The Very Best of Europe doble álbum que recopila los éxitos de Europe. Rock the Night: The Very Best of Europe está editado por Sony Music



Heavy Metal

Arena Rock, Recopilatorio

Sony Music

  1. Rock the Night
  2. Superstitious
  3. I'll Cry for You
  4. Cherokee
  5. Stormwind
  6. Sweet Love Child
  7. In the Future to Come
  8. Here Comes the Night
  9. Sign of the Times
  10. Dreamer
  11. Seventh Sign
  12. Yesterday's News
  13. Got Your Mind in the Gutter
  14. Ready or Not
  15. Aphasia
  16. Time Has Come (Live)
  17. The Final Countdown
  18. Halfway to Heaven
  19. Open Your Heart
  20. Long Time Coming
  21. Mr. Government Man
  22. Carrie
  23. Seven Doors Hotel
  24. Girl from Lebanon
  25. The King Will Return
  26. More Than Meets the Eye
  27. Prisoners in Paradise
  28. Wings of Tomorrow
  29. On Broken Wings
  30. Scream of Anger
  31. Heart of Stone
  32. Let the Good Times Rock (Live)
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