Electro-Shock Blues

Electro-Shock Blues


Electro-Shock Blues es el segundo álbum de Eels. Electro-Shock Blues está editado por DreamWorks y producido por E, Jim Jacobsen, M. Petralia y M. Simpson



Rock Alternativo

Indie, Lo-Fi


  1. Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor
  2. Going to Your Funeral Part I
  3. Cancer for the Cure
  4. My Descent Into Madness
  5. 3 Speed
  6. Hospital Food
  7. Electro-Shock Blues
  8. Efils' God
  9. Going to Your Funeral Part II
  10. Last Stop: This Town
  11. Baby Genius
  12. Climbing to the Moon
  13. Ant Farm
  14. Dead of Winter
  15. The Medication Is Wearing Off
  16. P.S. You Rock My World

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