Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

Bon Jovi

Greatest Hits es un recopilatorio que resume la trayectoria de Bon Jovi desde mediados de los 80 y hasta casi el final de la tercera época de la formación



Hard Rock

Arena Rock, Recopilatorio

Island Records

  1. Livin' on a Prayer
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. It's My Life
  4. Have a Nice Day
  5. Wanted Dead or Alive
  6. Bad Medicine
  7. We Weren't Born to Follow
  8. I'll Be There for You
  9. Born to Be My Baby
  10. Blaze of Glory
  11. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  12. Lay Your Hands on Me
  13. Always
  14. In These Arms
  15. What Do You Got?
  16. No Apologies
  17. Runaway
  18. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
  19. Lost Highway
  20. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  21. In and Out of Love
  22. Keep the Faith
  23. When We Were Beautiful
  24. Bed of Roses
  25. This Ain't a Love Song
  26. These Days
  27. (You Want To) Make a Memory
  28. Blood on Blood
  29. This Is Love, This Is Life
  30. The More Things Change
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    Excelente álbum revivieron canciones de una manera muy especial! :)


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