Independent Days

Independent Days

Backyard Babies

Independent Days es un recopilatorio de la banda sueca Backyard Babies antes de que firmara un contrato con un sello discográfico a mediados de los noventa



Hard Rock

Glam, Rarezas, Recopilatorio, Rock Escandinavo

  1. Look at You
  2. Highlights
  3. U.F.O. Romeo
  4. (Is It) Still Alright To Smile?!
  5. Eight-Balled
  6. Made Me Madman
  7. Let's Go to Hell
  8. Babylon (Feat. DJ Champain & Ginger)
  9. Subculture Hero
  10. Bombed (Out of My Mind)
  11. Robber of Life
  12. Backstabber
  13. Get Dead
  14. Spotlight the Sun
  15. Powderhead
  16. Hey, I'm Sorry
  17. Ghetto You
  18. Rocker
  19. Wireless Mind
  20. Can't Find The Floor
  21. Gotta Go!
  22. Ghetto You (K.O. Sessions)
  23. Made Me Madman (Live)
  24. Backstabber (Live)
  25. Highlights (Live)
  26. Look at You (Live)
  27. Stars (Live)
  28. Fill Up This Bad Machine (Live)

Discografía de Backyard Babies

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