Here & Now

Here & Now


Here & Now es el decimosexto álbum de estudio de America. Here & Now estaba formado por dos discos y estaba producido por Adam Schlesinger y James Iha



Pop Rock

Folk Rock, Soft Rock

Burgundy Records

  1. Chasing the Rainbow
  2. Indian Summer
  3. One Chance
  4. Golden
  5. Always Love
  6. Ride On
  7. Love and Leaving
  8. Look at Me Now
  9. This Time
  10. Work to Do
  11. All I Think About Is You
  12. Walk in the Woods
  13. Here and Now
  14. Ventura Highway
  15. Don't Cross the River
  16. Daisy Jane
  17. I Need You
  18. Tin Man
  19. Muskrat Love
  20. Woman Tonight
  21. Only in Your Heart
  22. Lonely People
  23. Sandman
  24. Sister Golden Hair
  25. A Horse with No Name
(9/10) 4 Votos

Discografía de America

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