Try Anything Once

Try Anything Once

Alan Parsons

Try Anything Once es el primer disco en solitario de Alan Parsons. Try Anything Once no tuvo una gran repercusión comercial. Colaboró el cantante David Pack



Rock Progresivo

Art Rock


  1. Three of Me
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Wine from the Water
  4. Breakaway
  5. Mr. Time
  6. Jigue
  7. I'm Talkin' to You
  8. Siren Song
  9. Dreamscape
  10. Back Against the Wall
  11. Re-Jigue
  12. Oh Life (There Must Be More)
(9/10) 3 Votos

Discografía de Alan Parsons

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9 Temas Lanzamiento:2004 LP
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Try Anything Once Try Anything Once
12 Temas Lanzamiento:1993 LP


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